Sunseeker Portugal’s Steve Handy talks about life in the Algarve in a recent interview with ‘Algarve Addicts’

Sunseeker Portugal’s Steve Handy was recently interviewed by ‘Algarve Addicts’ to talk all about life on the Algarve coast, from Sunseeker’s perspective.

Marina full of luxurious yachts in touristic Vilamoura, Quarteira, Algarve, Portugal

After living in Bournemouth, Steve moved over to Portugal with Sunseeker as it was fundamental for the ever expanding Sunseeker London Group to have a presence in the Algarve. In 2014, all locations in the Algarve were considered, though the most beautiful and the natural home for Sunseeker was the Vilamoura Marina.

Unsurprisingly the fantastic weather plays a big role as to why boating in the Algarve is so joyful, and Steve incorporates many other benefits of boating in this region in the interview. Steve enlightens “There are more than 8 restaurants in the Algarve that offer tender services, so as a boat owner you can motor along the coast and anchor of the beach, and the restaurant owner will come and get you in a rib and take you ashore. Estamine in Faro is an example of an authentic Portuguese restaurant that offer these services.”

Other benefits of boating in the Algarve are that you are between 8 and 10 hours from Gibraltar, for people that want to venture further afield and experience different cultures they can cruise off to the Mediterranean.

To listen to the full interview please see the podcast below:

If you would like more information about boating in the Algarve, please contact Sunseeker Portugal:

Sunseeker Portugal | CCMV, Marina de Vilamoura, 8125-409 Vilamoura, Portugal| +351 289 090 200 | |

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