A team of four take on the Atlantic Challenge in aid of Starlight Children’s Foundation

Four men step up to take on the Atlantic Challenge in 2018 to raise awareness and a monumental sum of money for a fantastic cause. Starlight Children’s Foundation is a national children’s charity that is dedicated to brightening the lives of children and teenagers suffering from a serious or terminal illness. Working for over 30 years to support sick children, offering programmes based on positive psychology and offer distraction and positivity at a time when young people and families are at their most vulnerable.

The four boys competing

Rowing over 3,000 nautical miles (equivalent to 3,500 miles) for nearly 40 days, the team will be competing in the torturing heat to undertake this incredible challenge. Burning 10,000 calories a day whilst only consuming 7,000 this will be an intense and hard core endurance for the team.

Pictured at Blenheim Palace

This team will be crewed by people for whom, without our help, such a challenge would remain a pipe-dream, given the huge investment it takes just to reach the start line.

Help us donate to a fantastic cause

Toby Thorpe, one of the team members states “We’ve all lived incredibly fortunate lives, its oarsome to be able to help those who have been less fortunate.The journey to building up to the challenge has been incredibly difficult, not knowing exactly what to expect in extreme conditions.”

With only 1 hour of sleep and 12 hours of exercise this will be a huge test for the boys to see exactly how well they can cope in extreme conditions.

Caspar Thorpe, comments “We’re 4 fit and healthy young men, it feels great to be able to use that in order to help those who haven’t been so lucky whilst we can.”

If you would like to donate to this fantastic cause please click on the following links:



If you would like to find out more information on the charity or how you can get involved please contact:

Sunseeker London | 34-36 Davies Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4NF, U.K. | +44 (0) 20 7355 0980 | info@sunseekerlondon.com | www.sunseekerlondon.com



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