CHARITY FOCUS: Teens Unite, Sunseeker London and Restore Your Body Now

This Saturday, Sunseeker London is delighted to help promote one of their favourite charities, Teens Unite Fighting Cancer. Teens Unite helps support a number of teenagers and helps promote activity days for cancer suffering teenagers to attend throughout the UK. The activity days play a vital role in helping support teenagers with cancer and life limiting illnesses.

One of the trustees of Teens Unite Fighting Cancer is Chris Lambert-Gorwyn. Chris is a motivational speaker for the charity and holds sessions for the young people supported by this brilliant cause. He has become a regular speaker for the charity and focuses largely on his personal cancer journey and how he turned it into a positive experience; encouraging others to do the same. He helps to motivate these teenagers for the future and utilize the strength and courage they have used in their battle against the illness to achieve great things in the future careers and life. In June 2016, Chris will be delivering a session at Teens Unite’s Positive Steps Conference which will be held in London with 200 young people and their siblings attending.

Chris also acts as a mentor alongside Managing Director of Sunseeker London, David Lewis, at the Teens Unite Apprentice Challenge. This special event takes place during the Teens Unite annual Activity Stay where 30 young people fighting cancer come together for a week to spend time with others their age who are fighting cancer. Chris mentors the teenagers and young adults alongside David Lewis and other business professionals to develop a concept for a new product, put together a business and marketing plan and pitch the idea to a panel of judges.

Chris Lambert-Gorwyn
Chris Lambert-Gorwyn

Chris was keen to become involved with Teens Unite, having being diagnosed with cancer himself at the age of 16, making him understand first-hand what the young people we support are going through and how vital the work of the charity is.

Whilst this was the hardest experience of his life, Chris says that battling cancer is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to him as it helped him to realise his own strength and become the successful businessman he is today as well as an internationally renowned health expert.

Alongside his charity involvement, Chris has dedicated his life to helping people who suffer from chronic back pain. Over the years, Chris has helped thousands of patients with identifying the actual root cause of their pain and then finding the most efficient and appropriate way of treating it. Chris currently has two very successful clinics in London; one in Belgravia and the other in Moorgate.

“Chris Lambert-Gorwyn is an incredible ambassador for Teens Unite. He became a trustee for the charity in July 2015 after he had shown such dedication and commitment to supporting young people fighting cancer.” – Debbie Pezzani, CEO and Founder of Teens Unite.

Chris Lambert-Gorwyn during a mentoring session
Chris Lambert-Gorwyn during a mentoring session

The main goal for Teens Unite is to create opportunities for young people battling cancer to meet as regularly as possible to support one another in a way that others not experiencing what they are, cannot quite relate to. This meeting of peers has shown to be incredibly effective in raising the spirits of these teenagers and giving them a more positive outlook on their condition and the fight ahead.

Teens Unite interestingly achieve much of their funding through Challenge donations and CEO Debbie personally undertakes at least one, if not more, incredibly strenuous trial each year. Future Challenges include a 350km cycle through Sri Lanka, the punishing London Triathlon and a number of exhilarating skydives.

For more information, please contact:-

Teens Unite
el: +44 (0) 1992 440 091

Chris Lambert-Gorwyn
To book at the Belgravia clinic, Click Here
To book at the Moorgate clinic, Click Here

Sunseeker London | 36 Davies Street | Mayfair | London | W1K 4NF | +44 (0) 207 355 0980 |

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