Sunseeker Torquay support Trinity Sailing Trust at bi-annual Sea Picnic

Following on from the success of the 2012 event, the Sunseeker Torquay team once again offered their assistance to the Trinity Sailing Trust as they hosted their bi-annual Sea Picnic in Ansteys Cove, Devon.


The mission this year was for Tom Wills and Jamie Coombes to escort 007 characters Pussy Galore, Odd Job and Goldfinger on a fast rib whilst mock nuclear explosive was loaded onto one of the Trinity trawlers.


James Bond of course came to the rescue via helicopter and, using a paramotor, disabled the bomb before rescuing Pussy Galore.

B&W low pass

With thousands being raised for the Trinity Sailing Trust, this was another sucessful day with fun being by had all, on and off the water!

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